Our Support System



We maintain our properties by providing on-site management at each location.  This includes ongoing and preventative maintenance and addressing specific concerns of residents and neighborhoods.


QHDC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board consists of a diverse group that represents all segments of the State of California.  Their combined expertise and skills bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that QHDC uses in carrying out its programs and activities.

Board of Directors

Daniel C. Eulberg

C.E.O - Executive Director, Since 1997

Mr. Eulberg has been an Independent Sales Organizer since 1982 in the wholesale industry.  He created and continues to manage a sales organization with the responsibilities of Sales and Distribution to the Western United States.  He has been CEO with QHDC for the past 19 years in which time QHDC has become managing general partners of 30 multi-family and senior citizen apartment complexes. Dan’s problem solving and negotiating skills has been a strong part of the growth of QHDC.  His ability to maintain a positive P&L and coming in under budget year after year has been recognized by his partners, making him a strong, reliable partner in the Affordable Housing Industry.  Short term and long term goals are to maintain current relationships, as well as grow within the affordable housing industry, with developer partners and acquisition partners of properties that bring the less fortunate an opportunity to live in safe affordable housing.

Lew Gale

Chief Financial Officer, Since 2002

Mr. Gale is a retired Executive Vice President of U.S. Bank and Chairman of Heart Federal Savings.  He is a former Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, and has served on the board of several community and professional organizations.

George Dotson

Secretary, Since 2007

Mr. Dotson has always been interested in empowering families in their education, housing and finances. He served for over 15 years in the financial service industry. Currently, he serves as a supervisor for Spearhead Protection Inc. He and a team of security experts are responsible for coordinating the safety of various Home Owner Association's (HOA) and business communities. Mr. Dotson voluntarily served, over ten years as a board member and President of the Lighthouse Mentoring Center, a group home for foster care teens. During that time he nurtured various relationships, with Contra Costa County and private citizens, that helped to ensure graduations, housing and employment for over 200 teens.

Tanya Randall

Board Member, Since 2008

Mrs. Randall is the Special Education Department Chairperson and member of the SILT, Site Instructional Leadership Team at E. V. Cain STEM Charter School. She has been teaching Special Education for 25 years and specializes in students with Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.  She is active in community events and fundraisers that promote the health and well being of underprivileged children.

Jenna Madrigal

Board Member, Since 2016

Mrs. Madrigal has a degree in Public Health & Administration, is a member of Soroptimist of the American River and works as a Loan Originator, helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Jamie Eulberg
Office Manager, Since 2013
Mrs. Eulberg has a degree in Business Administration and is a Realtor with GRI & CTC designations. Prior to real estate, she worked in the mortgage industry and property management with an emphasis on bookkeeping and Homeowner's Associations.